G5985SCVi MIELE Dishwasher

The G5985SCVi MIELE Dishwasher is produced by the highly regarded manufacturer Miele, which produces a large amount of dishwasher. The quality of all appliances is claimed to be able to provide unbeatable performance for up to 20 years. The dishwasher has been awarded accreditation from the Energy Saving Trust, the dishwasher was awarded the best in the class for energy efficiency and quality. This product also promises to be very quiet, the manufacturer stated that to understand how quiet the dishwasher is, the buyers must listen to one themselves.

This dishwasher incorporates technology in order to allow optimum wash results with the minimum amount of water. The dishwasher features a double- skinned inlet hose and a solenoid valve attached directly to the stopcock. If water leaks between the two skins in the hose, the valve automatically shuts off the water supply, protecting you from water damage. The stainless steel finish is resistant to fingerprints and soiling, it is easily cleaned by using a damp cloth, this ensures exceptionally low maintenance. An extra quiet setting is located on the dishwasher which means the already quiet product can be made even quieter for certain times. Creating more space and flexibility, the 3D cutlery tray can be lowered in the centre to hold larger utensils such as ladles and spoons, also the side trays can be pushed together to give extra space in the middle basket.

An electronically controlled water hardness system features on all Miele dishwashers. This process ensures that the hardness of the water in the dishwashers is always correct giving perfect GlassCare. An Auto Sensor is located on the dishwasher, this feature can differentiate between particles and bubbles for an even more accurate result than the Eco sensor. It influences the water consumption, program duration and temperature for a truly automatic program.

Numerous accessories can also be bought for the dishwasher in order to tail the product towards the users needs. There are a large amount of retailers who sell this product and therefore many people may wish to look into this product. Many users are very happy with the product, one owner said, "programs than you can shake a stick at, and most of them have some optional extras which you can select, such as Turbo (faster, but less economical and uses more water), and Extra drying.

The menu system is very easy to use, and there is also a useful 'i' button which elaborates on the program you have chosen (e.g. "for crockery with dried on starchy food" or words to that effect, I'd check but the machine is running at the moment...). Dishes come out very clean as you'd expect, and it is very quiet while running". There are numerous alternatives to this product, especially due to it being a very competitive market, buyers may therefore wish to look around extensively before selecting their dishwasher.

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