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The iPod Touch is part of the iPod family of devices which are produced by Apple, the iPod is a portable media player, personal digital assistant and Wi-Fi mobile platform. The iPod Touch was launched on September 5th 2007 at an event which was called The Heat Is On.

The iPod Touch has been developed from the original iPod and incorporates the multi touch graphical user interface. The Touch is the first Ipod with wireless access to the iTunes Store and also has access to Apple’s App Store, this allows the music player to purchase and download directly to the device. At the end of 2009 there had been over 32 million iPod Touch units sold. A second generation Touch was released to offer features include external volume controls, a built in speaker, a contoured back, built in Nike application, Bluetooth support and the ability to connect a microphone.

The 3rd generation iPod Touch was announced during September 2009, this music player is available in 32GB or 64GB or flash memory. The new 3rd generation also offers faster hardware, a slightly lower battery life, voice control, light sensor and bundled earphones with a remote and microphone. A 4th generation iPod Touch was also unveiled on September 1st 2010, this offers retina display, two cameras, one for FaceTime and the other for photos and HS video recording. It also offers Apple’s A4 for faster processing, a microphone for communication and choice memos and a three axis gyroscopic sensor which enable the device to recognise how far, fast and in which direction it has moved in space.

The iPod touch offers a slim rectangular shape with rounder edges, a glass multi touch display and a touch button. The range of iPods has all developed along side each other, with the Touch continuing to do so. The home screen of the iPod Touch is know as the SpringBoard and this offers a gird of icons which shows the available applications. All of the iPod Touch generations offers applications which include music, videos, photos, iTunes, Safari, YouTube, calendar, contacts, clock, calculator and settings. The later generation models which were produced offer email capabilities, maps, stocks, notes and weather. All of the generation iPods also offer Wi Fi 802. Numerous software updates for the Touch iPods are made available and these can usually be downloaded through connection to the Apple Store.

The iPods have been a major hit for the Apple company, with many people viewing the iPod as changing the whole personal music player market. The iPod offers a wheel which is user friendly and has been created in order to meet the needs of the consumers. Apple plans to continue to extend the Touch range and future generations are already being planned. Future generations are likely to offer even more features which are being requested by many Apple fans.

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