Gaggia 74530 L'Amante

The Gaggia 74530 L'Amante coffee machine is very popular with coffee lovers and the sales of this product have been fantastic. The machine is finished in bright glossy red which ensures it stands out within any kitchen. The coffee machine makes a great addition to any coffee lovers kitchen, especially as it is powerfully built with some excellent innovative features.

The attractive looks of this coffee machine along with convenience of its cafeitaly capsule system ensures that it brews high quality coffee within a small matter of time. Within the machine is a 15 bar pressure pump, this is something which is unique to the product, the stainless steel boiler system exerts the precise pressure and temperature conditions that result in the perfect extraction of the flavour and essence of coffee.

Also featured on the coffee machine is an easily removable water tank which has a capacity of 1.2 litres. The solenoid valves of this coffee making device indulge in the regulation of the water iflow inside the system. The filters of this coffee machine are comfortably placed on a filter holder that is made up of chrome-plated brass.

This coffee machine weighs about 5 kg and measures about 35 cm in height and 26.4 cm in width. On the machine is also a pannarello steam outlet, this provides the user with hot water and steam, whichever the user prefers. Once the pods are inserted in to the system, they are automatically perforated during the brew process. After the completion of the brew process, the used capsules are automatically ejected into the used capsule container of this coffee machine. The used capsule container of this coffee making system is easily detachable, which eases the cleaning job.

Many buyers of this product are more than happy, "Had this for a short while, works well. The priming function that another reviewer complained about, really is simple. Lets take it step by step: Fill tank if required, switch on (green light flashing, put cup under milk frothier, turn upper knob anti-clock wise until water comes out of tube (about a second or two!) turn knob back to mid position. open chrome cover, place pod inside, close cover, wait for green light to stop flashing (probably has by now), place cup under nozzle, rotate upper knob clockwise until the required quantity dispensed, or leave on until it switches off. Job done, easy.

To be fair the instructions are not as clear as they could but once you do it once, it is very simple. As for water in the used capsule bin, yes that happens, but remember the used pods have had water passed through them and they now have an entry hole through the top and an exit hole through the bottom! Water/coffee residue will come out". Just like many other coffee machines, this fantastic device can be bought online or on the high street.

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