Digital Camcorder Buying Guide

Many people own digital cameras in order to be able to capture photographs of certain moments and a growing amount of people are now purchasing digital camcorders which have radically changed in recent years. Digital camcorders can be bought in a range of formats including MiniDV that use quarter inch tapes, DVD models which to record to 3 inch discs and hard disk drive camcorders that save video and stills to ant internal hard disk. These camcorders have increased in quality in recent years and the majority now provides high video quality with excellent sound.

The majority of digital camcorders are compact and lightweight; they also offer numerous different features. Newer models are now capable of capturing widescreen video which can be watched perfectly on large widescreen television which offer high definition facilities. Most also let you take digital still shots, which means that the camcorder is essentially a digital camera as well. Although if the sole purpose is taking still shots, then the buyer should obviously purchase a digital camera.

The main advantage of a digital camcorder is the ease of transferring the footage from the computer on to a compatible computer. This transfer is usually carried out through FireWire or a USB 2.0. Once the video is on the computer, it can be edited by the user to meet their needs. In the majority of cases, the video can then be burnt on to a DVD which can then be watched on a computer or DVD played. DVD camcorders record directly on to compact DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW or DVD-RAM and these disks in most cases can also be watched on computers or DVD players. In the majority of cases, these kinds of digital camcorders are more expensive, although some people prefer them due to their ease of use.

HDD camcorders are becoming increasingly popular and record sales have been recently reported. These camcorders save the video directly to an internal hard disk located in the camcorder. In the majority of cases, these camcorders are small and very compact; they also do not require the mess of having to carry DVDs or tapes. The HDD camcorder features hardly any moving part which means that there can not be any mechanical noises heard on the actual filing. These camcorders are generally used by people who require to make short novelty films or films to upload on to websites such as YouTube.

People who wish to make advanced films or documentaries are advised to buy a more sophisticated camcorder. People should bare in mind their budget when buying a camcorder, small cameras can now be purchased on a relatively small budget. Buyers should also consider what type of filming they will be doing; small cameras are often used for novelty or comedy filming. Also consider whether the camcorder should save the video on the hard disk or on to a DVD.

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